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What is a Fuel Filter?

Just like the other filters in your vehicle, fuel filters are necessary for your vehicle's engine performance. The purpose of the fuel filter is to filter out dirt, debris, or other contaminants in your gas before it enters the engine, ensuring clean gasoline reaches your engine.

Reasons to Replace Your fuel filter

Reasons why it's important to replace your fuel filter:

  • Prolongs engine life
    A clogged fuel filter will affect engine performance, efficiency and life span. It will spread dirt and debris to the engine which will damage the engine from the contaminated fuel.
  • Increased fuel efficiency
    Having a clogged fuel filter will cause the fuel pump to work harder, which can in turn lead to it breaking down. Also if you replace it will maximise gasflow and extend the life of your car
You should replace your vehicle's fuel filter every time you change your oil. However it varies depending on driving conditions and environment, anywhere between every 5,000 km to 12,000 kilometres. If you drive in severe conditions, like towing heavy loads, stop and go traffic, or in extreme temperatures, you'll likely need to change your fuel filter and oil more often than if you drive in rural, calm conditions.

Find a Fuel Filter for Your Vehicle

Sutherland Automotive has been supplying auto parts since 1985 and has replacement fuel filters for cars and trucks for hundreds of vehicle makes and models. Use our VIN lookup tool or vehicle lookup to find the right fuel filter for your vehicle. Get started using the form below or use our VIN Lookup tool to find the right fuel filters for your vehicle.

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