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What is an Engine Air Filter?

Air filters are essential in maintaining your car's performance. The purpose of the engine air filter is to prevent dust, dirt and other environmental pathogens from getting into the engine. The screen keeps out bugs, water,pollen, dirt and everything else that blows into your vehicle's grill. Over time, the air filter becomes dirty and clogged, and will need to be replaced before causing potentially expensive damage

Reasons to Replace Your Engine Air Filter

Reasons why it's important to replace your engine air filter:

    Engine Air Filters
  • Increased fuel efficiency
    Replacing an obstructed air filter can increase fuel efficiency and improve acceleration. Also a dirty or damaged air filter limits the amount of air flowing into your car's engine, making it work harder which would use more fuel. As your engine needs more than 10,000 litres of oxygen to burn every litre of fuel, it's important not to restrict this air flow.
  • Reduced emissions
    Dirty or damaged air filters reduce the air flow to the engine, changing your car's air-fuel balance. This imbalance can increase engine depositions and cause the 'Service Engine' light to turn on. More importantly, the imbalance also has a direct impact on your car's exhaust emissions, contributing to the pollution of your surrounding environment.
  • Prolongs engine life
    A particle as small as a grain of salt can get through a damaged air filter and do a lot of damage to internal engine parts, such as cylinders and pistons, which can be very expensive to repair.

You should replace your vehicle's engine air filter every 19,000 to 24,000 kilometres. It is very easy and quick to replace the engine air filters. Just check the owner's manual to find out where it is located in your vehicle.

Find a Engine Air Filter for Your Vehicle

Sutherland Automotive has been supplying auto parts since 1985 and has replacement engine air filters for cars and trucks for hundreds of vehicle makes and models. Use our VIN lookup tool or vehicle lookup to find the right air filter for your vehicle.

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